The most innovative Italian products chosen by Sial 2014

Find out the 'Italians' that have deserved the mention at the French international exhibition, considered the 'temple of agrifood'
The most innovative Italian products chosen by Sial 2014

Among all the food specialties selected at the last edition of Sial, there is also a wide range of Italian food. Here’s all the items and the commitee’s analyse.


Aperituber – Savoury truffle biscuits for appetisers by Tartuflanghe

Selected for the offer of savoury biscuits with truffle flavour and for its level of sophistication. Type of innovation: recipe and composition



100% Siracusa lemon Juice PGI- preservative free by Polenghi Group

Selected for the Protected Geographical Indication for Sicily. Type of innovation: recipe, composition, technology, manufacturing process, marketing positioning, merchandising




Barley Salad by Geovita Nutrition

Cereal Salad with vegetables in a single tray ready to eat, selected for the recipe made with cereal and vegetable in the ambient range. The value addes is concerned with the variety of senses and time saving


Espresso Pellini capsules by Pellini Caffè

Coffee in capsules in ecological packaging: 60% less packaging than conventional box. The capsules are not individually packaged in a thin box, selected for the ecological packaging and space saving




Condimento (Dressing) by Coppini Arte Olearia Aziende Agricole

Olive Oil and condiment in a bottle with a convenient spout, selected for the aromatic blend and the convenience of the spout



Zucchi flavoured extravergin olive oil by Oleificio Zucchi

Olive oil with original recipes in a 250 ml bottle, selected for the originality of the recipes: Lemmon, Onion, Pesto, Cranberry



Gluten free biscuits by Gruppo Mangiarsano  Germinal 

Range of organic gluten free biscuits selected for the breadth of the organic gluten free biscuit range




 Dehydrated Pesto by Tartuflanghe 

Pesto powder, that can be used as a sauce after adding oil, but also as a spice to sprinkle, selected for the original offer of dehydrated pesto, also suitable for use in industry



Dolc’ego by Dolceria Alba

Single serve frozen Italian dessert, with no hydrogenated fats or colors, to thaw in the refrigerator for 1 hour before serving. It has been selected for the individual convenient packaging easy to handle

dolceCustard Treccia by Fresystem

Frozen spelt flour pastry with cream filling, selected for the offer of frozen authentic Italian pastry


Pasta with a heart of fruit by Surgital

Pasta with ricotta and fruit filling, sweet and sour taste. Prepared in Emilia-Romagna, selected  for the originality of the recipe



Wuberini by Salumificio Fratelli Beretta

Mini sausages with 1 euro economical positioning in a nomad packaging

wuberini Preserved vegetables in extra virgin olive oil – Solleone Bio

Organic vegetables, harvested by hand an traceabled: selected for the offer of organic selected vegetables in a sophisticated 200 g pot



Anchovies packed in Pet by Delicius Rizzoli

Anchovies in Pet tray selected for the packaging




Risottino by Riso Gallo

Vegetable risotto mix for children, low in salt, ready in a few minutes. Prepared with 30% fresh vegetable purée, made with natural ingredients, selected for the recipe



risottoOrganic vegan croissant with spelt by Probios Firenze

Organic croissant with spelt flour, suitable for vegans, with agave syrup selected for the offer of vegan croissant



Popped crisps low fat not fried by Popped Snacks

Natuaral chips baked under heat and pressure, low in fat, prepared with less than 5% oil, non fried, 80% less fat than the average chips on the market. Selected for the health positioning of the cooking process




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