Pedro Pereira da Silva (Jerònimo Martins): “consumers need quality”

The chief operation officier of the portuguese retailer explains its strategy of development around the world
Pedro Pereira da Silva (Jerònimo Martins): “consumers need quality”

Italian food&wine is very important for the portuguese retailer, because its customers are keen on buying ‘best quality at the right price’.

Jerònimo Martins is a Portugal based Group with an international profile in food retail: through its supermarket (Pingo Doce) and cash & carry (Recheio) chains in Portugal, food store chains in Poland (Biedronka) and, since 2013, also in Colombia with the Ara chain. The group has over 70,000 employees and runs over 3,000 stores, meeting the daily needs of millions of consumers and offering a value proposition based on quality at competitive prices every day.

Pedro Pereira da Silva, coo Jeronimo Martins Group from Gruppo Food on Vimeo.

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