Raspini, the Italian cooked ham that makes the difference

With a new resealable packaging, the company from Piedmont is setting its sights on new markets. Following notable success in Italy, Raspini hope to replicate this abroad
Raspini, the Italian cooked ham that makes the difference

Italian sliced cured meats are an ongoing international success story. Following an encouraging performance ‘at home’, Raspini are revitalizing their export strategy with a specific business model, in addition to their cooked ham and other cured meat varieties.

The focus will be on the benefits of Italian-made products, as well as careful consideration of international consumer needs. The latter includes the demand for light and healthy product options, and the popularity of low calorie and balanced diets. Cooked ham caters to this trend as it is seen as healthy, nutritious and good value for money. According to a study carried out by A&F Research for Raspini, 20% of shoppers choose to buy cooked ham due to its health benefits. Furthermore, 40%, prefer cooked ham as it is suitable for all the family, including small children.

“The eating habits in Italy are very different compared with other countries”, explains Andrea Allorto, ceo of Raspini Salumi. “As such, we are experiencing a higher appreciation of the product from international consumers. In light of this, we have created a packaged sliced ham for the French market described as tranché fin à l’italienne. We also see a lot of potential in the Uk market, and our cooked hams have been available in Japan for over 10 years now. Recent developments include plans to present our new resealable packs to international markets. This means presenting a new concept not just to the Italian market but also at European level. In general the product has been well received, therefore we are expecting positive results over the coming months.”

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