Store check at Waitrose Uk: focus on cheese

Imported cheeses face tough competition against British brands at Waitrose stores, but customers appreciate product variety
Store check at Waitrose Uk: focus on cheese

The selection of cheeses on the dedicated shelves in British supermarket chain Waitrose is wide and varied, with multiple focuses on both local and imported products.

Britain has always been an important cheese producer. The country takes pride in showcasing its long selection of products, boosting both regional varieties and national brands. On the one hand, this makes it harder for foreign brands to compete with popular and widespread domestic product. On the other hand, Brits do like their cheese, are consumers are more than happy to try and explore varieties and brands other than what they already know.

The hard and soft cheese selection includes Leicester, Cheddar, Stilton and blue cheese varieties, and others. The offer here ranges from branded products – main British brands include Pilgrim’s Choice, Cathedral City and President – to private label.

PL products constitute an additional level of competition. The most popular cheese varieties are available in Waitrose stores as pl – this includes also Italian cheese such as mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan.

Italian cheeses available include Parmigiano Reggiano, with Essential Waitrose parmesan range selling at GBP9.19 per 500g pack. Limited edition parmesan can be more expensive, selling for up to GBP5.75 per 200g in some instances. Grana Padano branded cheese sells at GBP2.99 per 200g.

Galbani is among the main Italian brand selling in Waitrose stores, with key products including mozzarella and gorgonzola.

Both product types are also available as part of Waitrose’s own-brand ranges. The in-house brand is not always priced lower than Italian branded product, though, at least in the case of gorgonzola. A 150g pack of Galbani gorgonzola cremoso is priced GBP2.85, whereas Waitrose Gorgonzola, 300g pack, sells at GBP3.00.

Private label mozzarella is cheaper than branded product, at GBP0.95-1.75 against GBP1.35-2.35 for Galbani.

Besides Italy, other origins selling their cheese at Waitrose include Spain and France.

by Davide Ghilotti

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