Store check at Waitrose Uk: focus on rice

Rice brands on sale in Waitrose supermarkets across the UK include Italy’s Riso Gallo, Uncle Bens, Tilda and others
Store check at Waitrose Uk: focus on rice

Rice is a staple food in the UK as it is in many other countries in Europe and elsewhere. Let us take a look at what rice products and brands are on sale in one of Britain’s core supermarket chains, Waitrose.

The main Italian brand in store is Riso Gallo, whose products share the store shelves with rival brands such as British firms Veetee and Tilda (the latter selling mainly basmati rice), and US brand Uncle Bens, owned by Mars.

A significant share of the shelf space is dedicated to easy-to-cook rice, in single or double portion variations (in 175-250-280g packs), including steamed or fried rice with condiments (mushrooms, jasmine, vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes, chilli, meat and others).

These product types are mostly aimed at single-person households, young consumers and those with little time to cook or who are not confident in the kitchen. Most of these can be cooked in the microwave or on the hob and are ready in a few minutes.

Prices for these items range from GBP1.50-1.69 for Tilda and Uncle Bens. Riso Gallo’s ‘Risotto pronto’ with condiments (porcini mushroom, asparagus, saffron, four cheeses), sells at a higher price range, between GBP2.09-2.29 per 175g bag.

Another brand in store is US-based Seeds of Change, offering mainly organic rice.

Waitrose has its own private label rice, on offer under the Essential Waitrose and Love Life Waitrose ranges. Waitrose Arborio Italian rice is priced at GBP1.23 per 500g bag, or GBP2.46 per kg. In comparison, Waitrose basmati rice sells at GBP2.98 per kg, and Waitrose essential long grain rice sells at GBP1.50 per kg.

Branded rice is priced higher: Uncle Bens long grain, or Tilda wholegrain basmati sell at GBP3.96/kg and GBP5.18/kg, respectively.

Riso Gallo offers also 500g packs of risotto rice Vialone Nano and Camargue Riz Rouge, at GBP2.59 and 2.85 per pack.

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