A ‘big slice of Parma Ham’ in the Big Apple

A successful number of visitors came to the stand of the Parma Ham Consortium during the Fancy Food show held in New York from 29th June to 1st July
A ‘big slice of Parma Ham’ in the Big Apple

An inevitable appointment for Parma Ham that thus confirms the strategic choice of concentrating on the Usa that has been the leading market for its exports for a few years now. Indeed, performance in 2013 was excellent: despite a few difficulties, exports exceeded 500,000 Hams with a leap in sales of pre-sliced packs (2,590,000).

It was an extremely positive year for the show that that attracted a large number of visitors and a lot of interest for this product. All this shows us that Parma ham still has a lot to do in the United States, which is a market that offers wide margins for investing in and exploiting its vast potential.

The producers, worked hard alongside their importers and all the operators and were able to seize the most suitable opportunities for valorising and promoting Parma Ham, protecting this brand, without forgetting the demanding commitment to adapt to the required health procedures.

For this year, the Consortium has developed a diversified programme of activities and this will allow it to consolidate its position and gain increasing credibility at all levels. The main objective remains to spread the pdo concept where there is a greater need to inform the consumer on the local food sector, as in this case; it is also very important to widen the catchment area of Parma Ham and also publicize the product in other American countries that are now still little explored.

Confirmed in the 2014 programme of activities is the three-year project Legends from Europepromoted by the European Union and by the Italian government that sees the participation of other important pdos, such as Grana Padano, Montasio and San Daniele, with the aim of promoting the products of our country’s gastronomic excellence on American territory. The second year will start next autumn and will be divided into numerous initiatives such as a widespread press campaign, promotions, events and sponsorships of television cookery programmes.

In the United States, the Consortium continues to work with the retail through days dedicated to tasting at points of sale, which is an activity that allows new consumers to be accosted through tasting. At the same time, it is working to disseminate knowledge about Parma Ham and its characteristics among operators of the sector thanks to an intense training programme. This year, the Specialist project, for Parma Ham specialists, took off throughout the world, including the American territory, and in future initiatives will involve the points of sale that have stood out particularly for their loyalty and for which Parma Ham is something special.

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