China is leaning on imports for its food supply

The Northeast has become increasingly attractive for international business
China is leaning on imports for its food supply

By 2018, China will become the world’s largest consumer of imported food, with an estimated market valued at up to USD 80 billion (Association of Food Industries).

In line with China’s economic development, the country has shown growing acceptance and strong demand for imported food. For the past five years, food imports grew more than 20% annually. In 2012, food imports were valued at USD 40,8 billion, an increase of 25%.

According to 2013 data, China’s annual growth rate for wine consumption was at 15%. Its current annual red wine consumption market has a scale of more than USD 16,6 billion and a capacity of about 0,47 billion Gallons, of which, about 25% is imported wine.

Nearly half of all food imports reach China via Northeast.

The capital city of Beijing offers distinct consumption, and great potential as a food distribution hub for the much larger region in north, northeast and central China.

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