Pedon, Italian food is also ‘super’ in US

The Italian company has developed a full line for Fairway Market: on the shelves from April, this line consists of 13 products
Pedon, Italian food is also ‘super’ in US

Pedon has developed a full line for a US retailer selecting the range and the packaging. The customer is Fairway Market. Founded in the ’30s, Fairway Market is an American retailer located in the New York City area with about a dozen stores generating a turnover of € 810 million. On the shelves from April, this line consists of 13 Italian Fairway-branded products, super foods (products that have better nutritional characteristics, making them in some cases unique on the market), and different kinds of rice.

The typical characteristics of this range are the ease and speed of preparation, a high nutritional content and the variety of ethnic choices. The products are: Italian Farro, Italian Whole Grain Long Rice, Italian Couscous, White Quinoa, Quinoa Tricolor, Basmati rice, Chia Seeds, Italian polenta, Amaranth, Israeli couscous, Brown basmati rice, Wild red rice, Italian whole wheat couscous.

Pedon decided to create a line with very healthy products, nutritionally suitable for a correct diet, which is quick and easy to prepare and ideal for modern lifestyles. Pedon proposed this line with unique benefits and distinctive characteristics. Being a private lable line, the ‘made in Italy’ concept was valued in the recipes and products by using typically Italian names and origins.

Some of these products have already been made for other retailers. The newly developed products will be proposed as a possible extension of the existing range or as new lines to revitalize the category.

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