Truffle dipping by Tartufi Jimmy

  • With real truffle
  • A Made In Italy Gourmet dipping
  • GMO free, NO preservatives

Now there are new ways to enjoy nachos and chips. The three most popular dip flavors combine with the king of taste: the truffle. The gourmet touch that will make the dipping experience unforgettable. The tradiction and authenticity of made in Italy in an innovative line with real truffles processed by truffle specialists.

CHILI: Hot and tasty sauce, rich in fiery Habanero peppers, garlic and spices. The real truffle makes it unique and unmistakable.

CHEESE: Cheese and real truffle meet wonderfully in this soft and creamy sauce, a perfect match for chips and nachos.

JALAPEÑO: Texture and flavor are the key features of this truffle dip, enriched by jalapeño peppers for a balanced spiciness and great freshness.


For more than 40 years, Tartufi Jimmy has been investing in the research and development of high-quality truffle products to convey the values of its tradition with experience and passion.

Their mission is “truffle everywhere, for everyone…every day.”

Tartufi Jimmy wants to introduce the magic of truffles to the whole world by offering innovative, natural and easy-to-use products to enjoy truffles every day, not just for big occasions.


Tartufi Jimmy

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June 2023

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Glass jar 190gr (Cheese and Jalapeño) or 200gr (Chili)