Ficacci Fresh Pack

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  • Distributed by gourmet foods international GFI
  • fresh olives and specialty food


Ficacci Fresh Pack is an impressive Fresh Olive and Antipasti range made of 25 items: 14 Olives, 3 Bruschetta Tapenades, 8 Veggies, all just dressed in oil. Tasty food with an incredible crunchy texture. For more information:




The single serving SKUs range, from 4 oz to 7 oz, marking the perfect size modern customers are looking for. The charming and transparent plastic pack, evoking the old days when olives where hand-made by granny, help gain customers trust in order to check for themselves the quality of the products.

Romeo Ficacci Srl

Product category
Fresh Pack

On sale since
January 2019

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4,99 $

25 Items
Single serve pack 4-7 oz