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Varvello, between Tradition and Innovation

The Italian Balsamic vinegar leading company believes in a 4.0 industry and is committed to improve traditional recipes with an eye to smart manufacturing

For generations Varvello, the Italian company specializing in balsamic vinegar, played a leading role in constantly evolving consumption. The desire to speed up the Flexible Industry 4.0 was born from the direction of their SME. Thanks to the incubator of the “intellectual spirit”, the Tec Food LAB (the heart of R&D, where countless prototypes are developed) works in synergy with the Tec Process LAB 4.0 to find innovative solutions for their in-house strategies. The two core features of the company interact with each other to implement the business value.


With Nettare 4.0, a project of industry innovation, Varvello is giving value to a supply chain tradition that creates an unmatched value. The company aims at linking the tradition of Made in Italy; through their PGIs and the PDOs, it has a great success abroad as a market leader. They want to show how wonderful it is to influence the consumers choices change in today’s in the agribusiness sector, focusing in particular on the “wellness and health” cycle.

Rosè Condiment, Alta Gamma – Varvello

Today, more than ever before, the best service you can provide is quality and, thanks to our links with the supply chain, we have managed to create a synergy – said Davide Varvello, country manager of Acetificio Varvello. Nettare 4.0 reflects how I have decided to do business. The challenge is to pragmatically and optimistically develop traditional products such as wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI, apple cider vinegar, traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena PDO, and to predict and guide their evolution with fast-paced and careful investments. At a time when companies are interested in the Industry 4.0 phenomenon, we have launched a series of special activities that are functional to an “Industrial Economy App” that can combine the farm-to-fork core business with an increased focus on the environment and energy savings through supply chain agreements. Because we are truly knowledgeable and smart”.


Acetificio Varvello, in fact, wants to create a Nettare 4.0 gourmet network and their desire is to “digitalise the quality”. Over the next months, with the aid of technology supporting digital marketing and via the blockchain technology, the company will highlight the Italian production chain directly on the label, to promote an increasing level of consumer awareness. Since 1921, Varvello has pursued the goal of respecting the link between what nature provides and what the market demands in terms of quality. Nettare 4.0 is the direct result of the company’s values and day-to-day work, an engaging challenge in which the product speaks for itself.

Unfiltered Organic Apple Vinegar, Bio – Varvello


Ambrosia is a new fruit from British Columbia, Canada. It is the result of a spontaneous hybrid of different varieties of apples. It is a two-tone apple with reddish-pink hues over 50-60% of the peel, a crisp and juicy pulp, particularly sugary and aromatic in flavor with a characteristic aroma of honey and nectar. Ambrosia is a high-quality apple, with a truncated-cone shape, rich in polyphenols, flavonoids, fibres and other essential elements for a varied and balanced diet. With its extraordinary flavour and its characteristics, in just a few years, it has won over and conquered many consumers all over the world, always coming back for more.

White fine dressing vinegar, Alta Gamma – Varvello

The sugar level is above the average, with the degrees Brix reaching up to 17, and the very low acidity that distinguishes the variety enhancing the unmistakable aroma of ambrosia. It ripens approximately a week after the golden delicious variety. The sale of plants and the marketing of the fruit is entirely managed by Rivoira SpA, which has exclusive marketing rights for this new variety in Europe, Russia, India, North Africa and the Middle East, in agreement with PICO. Varvello proposes ‘Nettare Reale’, a new line of vinegar made with apple ambrosia.

Saba, Alta Gamma – Varvello


  • Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena PDO – A vinegar made from the fermentation of grapes grown exclusively in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia, acetified and aged for at least 12 years;
  • Alta gamma – A line for high-end gastronomy and new trends in international cuisine;
  • Linea Oro – The premium line of vinegar factory that includes exclusive seasonings for the most refined tables;
  • Gran Sapore – A live of vinegars destined to the world of catering, ideal for the cooks and chefs needs in the kitchen;
  • Linea Biologico – A constant research over the years led to this line, made using a new biological system that reduces pollution and saves energy;
  • Nonna Mimma – A vinegar line produced in memory of grandmother Mimma from Modena. Designed for the foreign market, it offers products inspired by tradition, mixed with elements of modernity;
  • Borgo della Bastia – The name is a tribute to the welcoming and hospitality of the municipality of Bastiglia, in the province of Modena, where the company’s production site site is located. The line includes balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI dressings flavored with blueberries, figs, strawberries and pomegranate;
  • Aceto Sfuso – A line dedicated to the canning industry to be saled to Italian and foreign bottlers engaged in the production of balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI.
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