The Favorite Italian Cold Cuts Abroad

Exports Are Growing: between January and September 2018 export sales of Italy’s deli meats reached 133,925 tons (+1.3%) with a turnover of 1,123.1 million euros (+1.2%)
The Favorite Italian Cold Cuts Abroad

According to a report by Assica (Italian cold cuts producers’ association), based on Istat data, between January and September 2018 export sales of Italy’s deli meats reached 133,925 tons (+1.3%) with a turnover of 1,123.1 million euros (+1.2%). Seasoned raw hams (with and without bones) are advancing; in the first nine months of 2018 sales increased by 5.8% in volume, reaching 53,642 tons, and by 1.2% in value (up to 559.1 million euros).


In the first nine months of 2018, exports of Italian cured meats to EU partners decreased by 0.4% in volume (reaching about 107,330 tons) but increased by 0.8% in value, for over 875.4 million euros. Shipments to France increased significantly: +8.6% for 26,884 tons and +4.9% for 208.3 million euros. The country was Italy’s major trading partner in terms of volume, although it remained in second place behind Germany in terms of turnover. Outside Europe the growth in exports of seasoned raw hams, especially bone hams, cooked hams and bacon, salamis and sausages was significant.

cold cuts-Parmacotto-antibiotics free-animal welfare
Parmacotto Zero

Export sales to Germany recorded good results: +3.1% for 25,613 tons in volume and +1% for over 241.6 million euros in value. Growth was driven by sales trend recorded by salami, cooked sausages, cooked hams and bacon. Seasoned raw hams’ sales, on the other hand, declined. Overall shipments to the UK decreased, ending the period with -3.3% in volume (11,674 tons) and -1% in value (123 million euros). Even considering that seasoned raw hams and salamis sales grew, unlike other cured meats.

veroni-panino italiano-cold cuts
Il Panino Italiano – Veroni


A good performance was achieved by salami exports, which reached 23,838 tons (+2.5%) for a value of 231.3 million euros (+3.7%). Shipments to EU countries have been decisive (+3.2% in volume and +6.3% in value), thanks to positive trends in the German market (+1.7% in volume and +3.9% in value), in the UK (+1.6% and +7.2% respectively), in France (+5.6% and +5.2%), Sweden (+4.8% and +8.7%), Belgium (+13.4% and +14.8%) and in the Netherlands (+12.1% and +18%). Sales down outside the EU (-1.5% in volume and -6.4% in value), where growth in Hong Kong (+34.4% and +43.9%) and in the USA (+15.7% and +15.8%) stands out. Shipments to Switzerland also increased (+2.2%, but -1% in value).

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Gran Biscotto Antibiotic FreeRovagnati


Mortadella and wurstel also showed positive trends, reaching 28,319 tonnes (+2.3%) for a value of around 99.4 million euros (+2.8%). The performance in EU countries was good (+2.1% in volume, equal to about 21,570 tons and +1.2% in value for 78.6 million euros). Within the EU Germany, the top market in terms of turnover, showed excellent results (+11.6% in volume and +3.5% in value) as well as France (+5.5% and +3%) and Spain (+5.1% and +7.9%). Outside Europe, growth in richest markets was driven by products characterized by the highest added value. For example Japan (+15.7% and +22.6%), the United States (+11.9% and +16.5%), Switzerland (+8.7% and +8.5%), and Canada (+110.8% and +180.4%).

Culatello di ZibelloNegroni Aia


In the same period, good news for Italian cold cuts trade in non-EU countries. Italy’s products recorded a +9% growth in volume (26,596 tons compared to 24,400 tons in the first nine months of 2017) and a +2.6% growth in value (247.7 million euros). Excellent result for exports to the United States, Italy’s major trading partner outside the EU, which recorded a +10.3% growth in volume (7,010 tons) and a +7.8% growth in value (about 83 million euros). The brilliant performance of seasoned raw hams was decisive. Cooked sausages and salamis sales increased too, as well as those of cooked hams.

cold cuts
Italian Bacon – Leoncini

In North America, exports to Canada also grew, but only in volume (+5.1% but -2.1% in value). In this market, important double-digit increases were recorded for seasoned and cooked hams, which offset the slight contraction affecting cooked sausages and, even more so, salamis, while bresaola sales increased. Despite a growth trend, shipments to Japan were still low with 2,967 tons (-9.3%) for 29.5 million euros (-7.8%). However, Japan confirmed itself as the third best importing country among the non-EU markets, behind Switzerland. The latter recorded an increase in volumes and a slight increase in values (+3.6% for 3,453 tons, and +0.3% for 54.1 million euros) of Italian cold cuts imports.

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