The growth of Italian cold cuts in 2015

The Usa, China, and Russia at the top of the importers' list. Promising results for cooked ham and bresaola
The growth of Italian cold cuts in 2015

Time to take stock for the 2015 of Italian cold cuts. According to Assica — (the industrial association of meat and cold cuts, member of Confindustria) — studies, based on 2015 Istat data, the exports of cold cuts totalled 165,250 tonnes (+10.7), for a turnover of 1.352 billion (+7.1%).

THE TARGET COUNTRIES – Nicola Levoni, president of Assica, said, “In 2015 we won some important challenges. In particular, we overcame the restrictive US measures on our exports. However, our commitment is far from over. The Usa, China, and Russia remain, without a doubt, at the top of our priority list, however, we have more. In 2015, we made contacts and worked with other major countries and areas, Philippines and Central America to name two, which we hope will bring important news from as early as 2016.”

COOKED HAM, THE MOST PROMISING RESULTS – 2015 was undoubtedly the year of cooked ham: +44.5% in quantity (20,400 tonnes), and +23.5% in value (121.3 million euro). This extraordinary result was certainly achieved thanks to an exceptional increase of exports to Spain; however, even the performance of other major European markets is positive. Good performance of seasoned bacon exports. After three difficult quarters, the 2015 exports of this product achieved a +11.5% in quantity (4,900 tonnes), and a +1.6% in value (33.9 million euro). Excellent results for bresaola exports in 2015. Thanks to good results, in particular in the first and third quarters, this product recorded +7.8% in quantity (about 3,180 tonnes), and a +4.7% in value (55.5 million euro).

In Europe, the performance of exports to Spain stands out.

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