Health vs Indulgence: finding the right balance – The webinar is ready to start

The online event will focus on the latest global sales and innovation trends and the opportunities opening up for Italian products on the international scene. All will start on February 28 at 4 pm

The first 2022 digital event organized by will debut on February 28 at 4 pm and will be focused on the sweet bakery and confectionery segment. The webinar aims to analyze the latest global sales and innovation trends and which opportunities are opening up on the international scene for Italian products and manufacturers.

Sweet bakery and confectionery is a dynamic and innovative sector: consumers are looking for healthier versions, but without compromising taste. According to Euromonitor data, the retail value of bakery & pastry products in Europe in 2021 is worth 91 billion euros, with an estimated Cagr of +1.3% between 2021 and 2025. According to data from Mordor Intelligence, also the global chocolate market is projected to witness a Cagr of +4.5% between 2021 and 2026.

Sugar intake remains one of the main concerns for consumers remains. The keto diets have also gained traction and accelerated the sugar reduction agenda. The key challenge for the global industry remains to offer tasty, without added sugar and clean label sweet products.


  • Mara Corrada – Senior Analyst NielsenIQ: The new perception of wellness among food categories: the case of sweet bakery and confectionery
  • Janell Schleeper – Bakery Category Manager Schnuck Markets, Inc.: The assessment of the present market condition in the bakery retail scene and the positioning of Italian items in the US retail market
  • Francesco De Marco – Chief Commercial Office Lago Group Spa: Lago Group, 50 years in the confectionery industry – The development goals on the international scene and the latest product innovation
  • Konstantin Lebens – Head of Field Force & Online Sales Genuport Trade GmbH: Italy’s sweet bakery & confectionery: major challenges in the German retail industry
  • Laurent Willart – Managing Director Oh Gourmand: The importance of premium products for French consumers