Cooperlat, innovating Italian dairy

The company specializing in milk and fresh cheeses presented two new product lines at Anuga 2019

At Anuga 2019, the Italian dairy company TreValli Cooperlat presented some interesting new products. Starting with ‘Bontà del Parco’ which is a line dedicated to Mozzarella, Burrata and Stracciatella. All products are made in Italy, in the heart of Monti Sibillini National Park (placed between Marche and Umbria regions) using exclusively 100% Italian milk. Launched some months ago, this products line is enjoying great success in Italy, but especially abroad as it is particularly export oriented. This is why Cooperlat is presenting it at an international level.

Then there is the Hoplà line brand extension: Hoplà vegan bio. It is a 100% vegetable and organic line, composed of four vegetable drinks: Soya, Oat, Rice and Almond, plus a lactose-free and allergen-free béchamel.

Made up of agricultural co-operatives that bring together 2500 farmers working in 7 different regions of Italy, TreValli Cooperlat controls the supply of the milk to be transformed into finished products.

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