Valsoia, “Il Gelato auf basis von mandeln”

The Italian company specialized in 100% dairy-free products launches two almond milk gelato formats
Valsoia, “Il Gelato auf basis von mandeln”

Valsoia is focusing more and more on dairy-free products. The Italian 100% dairy free gelato brand launches “Il Gelato auf basis von mandeln 4 ministicks”. A 100% dairy free product, made with Valsoia almond milk. These gelato ministicks combine authentic Italian tradition with the best ingredients to create a velvety smooth texture and delicate vanilla flavor. Coated with chocolate, the ministicks evoke traditional Italian gelato. A different format is “Il Gelato auf basis von mandeln 8 Sandwich”: 100% dairy free, it is a snack-sized treat combining chocolate and vanilla gelato between two bi-color cookies in one perfect frozen delight. It’s made with almond milk, using the authentic Italian recipe. Both products are characterized by a shelf life of 540 days.

The company history

Valsoia was founded with the aim of exploiting the exceptional nutritional properties of soy, contributing to better quality of life with healthy, dairy-free alternatives without sacrificing flavor or texture. Now, Valsoia’s mission is to satisfy the increasing demand for functional foods offering products that are healthy, nutritionally balanced, with superior organoleptic properties, while leveraging the Italian traditional and expertise.

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