Barilla “redoubles” its sauces

The Italian pasta company will open a second plant in Rubbiano – near Parma – which will make it possible to keep up with sales growth. A €50 million investment
Barilla “redoubles” its sauces

Less than five years after the inauguration of its first sauces plant, Barilla group redoubles and announces the construction of a second establishment in Rubbiano (Parma). It will make it possible to keep up with the group’s growth in this market segment, thanks to a €50 million investment in addition to €40 million used to build up the first plant in 2012. The new plant will employ up to 60 people.

A NEW MANUFACTURING SITE IN 2018 – This investment is the response of Barilla to a market need. Sauces sales have grown of 45% since 2012, and this has led the first plant’s production capacity close to saturation. In December 2016 the enlargement project was approved, and the new plant will be provided by 2018 said the company in an official statement. Nearly 75% of sauces sales for Barilla’s pasta are export-oriented, especially in Europe.

MEAT BASED SAUCES WILL BE DOMESTICALY-PRODUCED – Thanks to the new plant, Barilla will be able to gradually internalise the production of meat based sauces, currently made by Consorzio Casalasco (known for Pomì brand). It is not yet clear whether the agreement with Casalasco is to be dismantled as soon as the new production site shall be operational. This was the case of the tomato sauces company Rodolfi Mansueto, which cut off the supply in 2012 when the first Barilla plant in Rubbiano opened.

60 NEW EMPLOYEES – The new plant (on a 30,000 mq area) will lead to a total production capacity of over 122,000 tons per year. As for the environmental impact, 95% of waste will be recycled and carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 7%, while water consumption will be reduced by 9%. There will also be 60 new employees: Barilla undertook to employ 50% of women by 2020.

ITALIAN SUPPLY CHAIN FOR RAW MATERIALS – Fresh basil for pesto is 100% Italian, while tomato comes from crops located in the Po valley. Meat shall also be provided by Italian farming. All the sauces produced in Rubbiano will ensure complete traceability. It will be a totally integrated plant says Barilla Europe pasta and sauces establishment Director Carlo Carteri. The new plant will have innovative technologies and installations, robotic and digitised, in line with Industria 4.0 guidelines. Already high quality and safety levels will be further increased, combining efficiency with flexibility thanks to a sophisticated traceability system.

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