Tic Tac, The Simpsons on Ferrero confetti packages

A three-flavors limited edition with Homer, Marge and Bart Simpson, the most famous animated sitcom characters
Tic Tac, The Simpsons on Ferrero confetti packages

“The Simpsons” is undoubtedly the most famous animated sitcom of all time. On air since 1989, it has deeply influenced the whole Millennials generation. Since September 2016, the Simpson family has come on the scene in a limited edition for Italian confectionery company Ferrero: Tic Tac Simpson.
A pop culture symbol, The Simpsons remains a source of inspiration for customization.

Tic Tac has chosen the three most iconic characters for its new packages. Each one has been associated with a surprisingly different flavor. Homer for Donuts flavor confetti, Marge for Blueberry ones and Bart for Bubble Gum. The artworks have been adjusted to Tic Tac packages into novelty shapes, making them unique and perfect for everyone to collect. Contents are characterized by an original design too. Thanks to design-on-pills technology, every single pill shows a character’s funny expression printed on it. Incidentally, Simpsons characters faces can be perfectly adjusted to Tic Tac confetti’s shape.
Tic Tac Simpsons limited edition is to be distributed in Europe during the autumn. Since February 2017, it will be launched in other countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel and Saudi Arabia. In 2018, Tic Tac Simpsons will come to America.

The new Ferrero product is available in two different pack sizes, with 100 or 200 confetti (price recommended: €1,99 and €3,64 respectively). The product launch is supported by a multimedia advertising campaign, to be discovered on www.tic-tac.it.

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