Granarolo acquires the ‘veggie’ Conbio

The dairy company will own 60% of the capital and will strengthen itself in the area of vegetable products which are expected to have a particularly elevated growth
Granarolo acquires the ‘veggie’ Conbio

Granarolo announced the acquisition of 60% of the capital of the company Conbio, specialized in the production of organic foods and vegetables that are ideal for people who follow strict diets (vegetarians and vegans). The acquisition will in part be an increase in capital and also the purchase of shares of the sold company.

TOFU AND SEITAN FOR GRANAROLO – Conbio, located in Santarcangelo, Romagna, began in 1998 and since then has developed a range of products, such as tofu, seitan, and other prepared foods such as burgers, vegetable rissoles, and ready-made meals and sauces. The company will increase the Granarolo vegetable products on offer, “Our array of Granarolo 100% Vegetable, launched at the beginning of last year,” explains Gianpiero Calzolari, President of Granarolo, “made over 14 million euro in 2015, confirming that the vegetable product market increases annually in double figures in our country. In particular, Conbio’s specialty gastronomic products have had a significant increase.”

THE ‘VEGGIE’ GROWS AT A RECORD PACE – In the last five years, the vegetable products market increased 240% in Italy, passing from 130 million euro in 2010 to 318 million euro in 2015, and it is expected to grow to 600 million euro in 2020. Precisely, the vegetable food products grew from 11 to 79 million euro in the last five years.

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