Italian wine industry on the track for the stock market

Italian Wine Brand will be the first Italian company listed in the Piazza Affari stock market. The stock operation will end on February 2015
Italian wine industry on the track for the stock market

Aside from Campari Group which has in its portfolio Sella&Mosca, Cinzano, Enrico Serafino, none Italian company is listed in the stock market. Italian Wine Brand is the newest group born from the merger of two Italian companies, Giordano Vini with Provinco Italia. Movement is allowing through Ipo Challenger, an evolution of Spac, special purpose acquisition company.

The three managing partners of Ipo Challenging are Simone Strocchi, Luca Giacometti and Angela Oggioni (Electa Italia). “The new company will be called Italian Wine Brand (IWB). It is positioning for growth and push into the international market the Italian excellence” said Strocchi. Together the two companies, Giordano Vini and Provinco Italia, charge approximately a turnover of 140 million euro; the production amounts to 44 millions bottles a year and the export share is 70 per cent.

IWB aims to roll out a new trading platform that will allow industry to trade abroad in a multiple asset classes. The targeting segment is the mass market as well as the large retail, the so called “consumer and popular premium”, the interesting is developing its own products. To boost results on foreign market IWB has recruited Mario Resca, former number one of McDonald’s Italia. The stock operation will be completed at the end of February 2015, with investors weighing the prospect more monetary investment in the beverage industry.

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